During nearly 20 years of building and finishing the highest quality picture frames, I have framed paintings by French greats such as Jacques-Louis David and famous Americans like Thomas Moran, as well as numerous other masters--both historic and contemporary. 

I learned the art of framing, gilding, and fine finishing through a decade of experience at Krieger Ricks--most of which time I spent as the lead finisher and art director.  At Krieger-Ricks I finished frames for elite galleries, individual collectors, and painters throughout the country (including many of the frames, mirrors, and furniture you see on the Krieger Ricks website).  I left Krieger-Ricks 2003 in order to pursue a Ph.D. in history at the University of Notre Dame, where I continued to build frames on the side for local clients, including Notre Dame's Snite Museum of Art. I now live in Fort Collins, Colorado, where I teach history, ride bikes, and build beautiful frames.

I am able to build and finish frames to spec and across all genres. If you see something you like (on this blog or anywhere else), and are interested in a similar frame, contact me and I will send you an estimate.