Sgraffito frames

Sgraffito is an ancient technique of scratching through one layer of paint or plaster to reveal another layer below (in this case, gold). The panel can be painted any color in combination with various colors of leaf. These are an Italian style from the 16th century.

22 karat gold with umber panel: 3 3/8" wide.


12 karat gold with a warm neutral panel: 3 3/8" wide.

Water gilt metal leaf, umber glaze panel: 2 1/4" wide.

Water gilt metal leaf, umber panel: 4" wide.

Water gilt metal leaf, red panel: 4" wide.

22K gold leaf with painted on sgraffito design all the way around the panel
(which was then highly distressed)

Metal leaf with green panel.  Image is 8x19.